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Ready Private Cloud Platform for Reliable Functioning of Business Applications

Private server infrastructure Cisco HyperFlex™ is a solution for companies whose operation depends directly on functionality and scalability of business applications. Cisco cloud partners can reduce the time for maintenance of server systems and focus on priority business projects with the state-of-the-art platform and Linxdatacenter’s team of engineers ensuring its maintenance in the 24/7 mode.

Dedicated capacity

Individual use of server capacity due to isolation of infrastructure on the physical level.

Quick one-day launch

We provide HyperCloud capacity at Linxdatacenter Moscow for deployment and migration while the equipment is on its way.

Payment model of your choice

Available options include purchase, installment plan and leasing.

Flexible scalability

Fast capacity increase in Cisco Hyperflex and use of cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Status monitoring

Online access to the DC monitoring system or connection of meters to the customer’s system.

Qualified engineers

Planning, installation, deployment, migration and maintenance of the infrasctructure on Cisco Hyperflex

Payment Models

Financial solutions based on your tasks, requirements and available budget

Equipment purchase

with a one-time payment

Equipment purchase

with a 36 months installment

Long-term lease

for 36 months

Regardless of payment model, you can get a subsidy for the first year of use of Cisco Hyperflex™ in our data center with the joint program of Cisco Systems and Linxdatacenter.

In 2018 Linxdatacenter has received the CISCO CAPITAL PARTNER OF THE YEAR award for successful application of financing programs for server and network equipment in Russia and the CIS countries.

Benefits of the Hyperconverged System

Cisco HyperFlex™ – is a complex solution involving servers, a data storage system, network infrastructure and a virtualization platform. Full coordination of elements simplifies the system’s launch and administration, while its compact architecture allows to save space and resources compared to traditional solutions.


Full deployment cycle of the Cisco HyperFlex™ system from unpacking of servers to putting virtual private private cloud infrastructure into operation, takes just one day.


Guaranteed compatibility with Oracle Database, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, as well as virtual environments VMware, Citrix and Microsoft owing to Cisco Validated Design.


Load combination and distribution between the HyperFlex private infrastructure and global cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.


Easy system administration via web interface: one specialist on the customer’s behalf is sufficient for managing the system.


Container management in the Kubernetes environment with Cisco Container Platform.


Get free demo access to HyperCloud and evaluate the platform’s features for your tasks.

How the Cisco HyperFlex Virtual Private Cloud Platform Is Organized


Nexus network equipment

Redundant commuters and uniform fabrics with Ethernet ports 10 or 40 Gbit/s, FC ports 8 or 16 Gbit/sec.

UCS server equipment

Rack servers with internal disks and blade systems with x86-64 architecture.

Software level

VMware vSphere virtualization

Hypervisor providing maximum accessibility for managed virtual server systems.

VMware vCenter management

Centralized platform for environment management automating virtual infrastructure.

HX Data storage system

The software-defined system unites SSD and HDD capacity into one distributed multilevel data storage

  • Snapshots, dynamic initialization and momentary cloning.
  • Optimization of productivity with dynamic data allocation, caching and capacity levels.
  • Optimization of used space with compression and deduplication functions.

HyperCloud / Data center Platform

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