Audit, reequipment and optimization of your server capacities

    We offer data center audit, reequipment, upgrade and maintenance services. Our experience in maintenance of complex technical properties is more than 17 years. Large Russian and foreign companies with strict requirements to data center’s fault-tolerance trust us. We know how to set up communication between business and IT departments and increase data center efficiency by improving maintenance processes of data center.

    Take the audit of your data center and reduce your maintenance expenses or hand over its management to the qualified engineering team of Linxdatacenter.

    Why Linxdatacenter

    Of international quality and sustainability standards
    100% uptime
    Of data centers
    Tier 3, TIA-942
    Compliance with maintenance standards
    From 2001
    Experience in data center management

    Our Team

    Specialists with certification
    in DC operational management.

    Highly qualified service engineers specialized
    in Schneider Electric and Stulz equipment.

    DC Audit

    Data center development and maintenance with your own resources is a complicated and demanding process. Whether you already have server capacities in need of support and maintenance or you are just beginning the construction of a data center, order a comprehensive audit with Linxdatacenter.

    Technical Audit

    We upgrade and optimize key systems of your data center:

    • reduce power consumption and optimize PUE of your data center;
    • fix errors in engineering equipment;
    • carry out timely upgrade and repair of engineering equipment;
    • check the installation of IT equipment and power distribution across server rooms;
    • set up monitoring systems.

    We check all engineering systems and equipment:

    • power supply;
    • cooling and ventilation;
    • security system;
    • engineering equipment: FCU, UPS, DGU;
    • SCS system;
    • monitoring system.

    Operational Audit

    We set up and optimize DC maintenance processes for your staff and contractors.

    • Optimize maintenance processes and implement efficient practices.
    • Formalize and customize operational processes.
    • Manage data center’s capacity.
    • Resolve and analyze incidents.
    • Design maintenance documentation.
    • Develop norms and standards for technical service and maintenance, testing of equipment and systems.
    • Prepare action lists for emergency situations.
    • Manage engineering systems’ contractors.
    • Control stocks of the spare parts.
    • Optimize operating costs for high-quality data center support.

    If you want to examine your service processes and estimate the efficiency of your data center, order a comprehensive audit with Linxdatacenter.

    DC Maintenance

    Taking on the full cycle of your data center or server maintenance, we will establish operational procedures and help with the management of your capacities. We will become a single point of interaction with your engineers and contractors.

    What DC maintenance tasks we carry out


    Build and optimize maintenance service.


    Write manuals and action lists for the maintenance specialists.


    Coordinate subcontractors.


    Develop maintenance processes and procedures for DC systems.


    Organize operational processes of technical support and incident registration and processing systems.


    Manage DC infrastructure: purchase, inventory and storage of spare parts.

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