IT-equipment disposal

Legally and with a full package of documents

We will help to dispose of outdated,
worn-out and unused equipment
in accordance with the requirements
of Russian Federation legislation.

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How it works?

The equipment is disposed with the help of the Linxdatacenter partner company which is licensed to handle I-IV hazard classes waste and can provide all the necessary compliance certificates.

We can also
  • Provide step-by-step consultation.
  • Conduct data center inventory.
  • Destroy data from electronic storage devices without any possibility of recovery while preparing equipment for disposal.
  • Arrange destruction of archives, hard drives and documents via mobile shredder.
  • Dismantle and remove equipment.

Why cooperate with us?

Disposal in accordance with law

Disposal is carried out in accordance with the Federal Law № 89 “On Production and Consumption Wastes”, Federal Law № 41 “On Precious Metals” and the Instructions of the Ministry of Finance on the procedure of the precious metals accounting.

Without physical presence in data center

We provide full support throughout the disposal process. The work is supervised by Linxdatacenter experts freeing you from the necessity to personally attend the data center.

Guarantee of the results

The disposal is carried out by our trusted business partner that has all necessary licenses.

Full reporting

After disposal completion you will receive a full package of accounting documents, which will allow you to remove unused equipment from the balance. We provide complete reports on the destruction of data from electronic storage devices and make a video report, if necessary.

Complete data disposal

Guaranteed destruction of sensitive information from electronic storage devices without the possibility of recovery.

Specialists’ investigation

You can order the data destruction service with the departure to your office. Data storage devices are disposed via a mobile shredder.

Steps of disposal

Leave a request
for equipment
Receive a detailed
advice from
Linxdatacenter specialists
Enter into a contract
with the company responsible
for disposal
what additional services
you need
Receive a full package
of necessary documentation
and legally remove
unused equipment
from the balance sheet

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